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January 28, 2015

What You Have to Know About Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding is a fairly normal thing to do. Too much of it, however, is damaging and it could escalate into the condition called bruxism, from a Greek word that means “gnashing of teeth”. If you brux, here are some valuable facts worth knowing.

Bruxism is all ages

Bruxism in children comes with teeth development. The condition gradually ceases as they grow but some bring it with them to adulthood. Those who’ve stopped bruxing may also redevelop the condition due to various factors aside from teeth development.

January 22, 2015

Common Restorative Dentistry Procedures

Restorative dentistry is a term defined as the management of oral health problems. It is specifically aimed at restoring or replacing missing parts of the tooth structure in order restore the normal functions of the mouth. With additional education, many dentists can perform procedures of restorative dentistry. The most common restorative dentistry procedures are as follows:

January 16, 2015

DIY Teeth Whitening is Very Risky

It’s fair to say that all people want to have a sparkling, red carpet-worthy smile. Nowadays, anyone can have it with the plethora of both DIY and professional whitening solutions out there. Be warned, however: of both whitening methods, DIY is the riskiest.
For one, most of the DIY teeth whitening kits sold on the market harbor two chemicals that aren’t really meant for the mouth: chlorine dioxide (the same chemical used in disinfecting swimming pools) and hydrogen peroxide. On a general note, these chemicals are still used by trained professionals so safety isn’t a question. When these chemicals find their way into the hands of untrained, inexperienced individuals, however, the dangers rise.

January 12, 2015

Smile Better With the Help of a Simple Gum Lift

The gums are an often-ignored part of the mouth; a disadvantage for they can seriously affect how your smile looks. This is where getting a gum lift comes in.

Gum lifts, or “crown lengthening” as it is officially called, is a procedure that removes excess gum tissue and reshapes our gum line. Though it may seem that it is only done for aesthetic purposes, there are a couple of reasons why you’d need gum lifts. First is when damaged teeth need repairs; some of the damage that teeth sustain can be found below the gum line, and a gum lift is often done in preparation of fixing that damage. The second reason for a required gum lift is when your dentist is planning to install dental crowns; it will provide space between the crown and your gums, helping to avoid any damage to them.

January 7, 2015

Common Teeth Whitening Misperceptions Clarified

Do you want a set of stunning white teeth comparable to that of red carpet stars yet find yourself reluctant to seek treatment because of things you might have heard? Here are some common bleaching treatment misperceptions and the truths behind them.

I don’t need treatment; whitening toothpastes do just as good

Whitening toothpastes work with mild abrasives that remove stains on teeth’s surface. Some contain polishing agents that make teeth shiny. If your teeth is already yellowish, stains may be removed but the dentin’s color remains.

With bleaching treatment, my teeth will be pearly white… forever

Unless you stop eating, your teeth will still be exposed to stains. Bleaching effects are not permanent but they will last longer with proper oral hygiene. This treatment costs relatively low compared to other options, so having it redone is no fuss.

January 2, 2015

CEREC: The 15-Minute Dental CAD Treatment

CEREC is to dentists as AutoCAD is to engineers. Instead of drawing houses, however, CEREC draws blueprints of teeth.

The Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics (CEREC) streamlines the process of treating various dental problems by furnishing a 3-D impression of a patient's teeth. Using the latest in CAD/CAM technology, fitting crowns and other dental procedures can only take as few as 15 minutes to complete. This is why many dentists call it "CEREC Same-Day Dentistry."